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A Q&A with our Founder & our origin story

KY Designs is run by Cameron Taylor and he’s based just outside of Dunfermline, Fife. He’s been involved in the creation of websites and the wider technology industry for over half of his life and is committed to bringing his experience in sourcing customers to small businesses across our delivery region.

As a young teenager Cameron first started working with website design as it interested him, tinkering here and there. He then started a small agency working with online games and small local firms in his mid teens and eventually sold the business and went on to work with some of the biggest technology companies in the world and helped them to build, scale and grow their customer acquisition models.

The story behind KY Designs is this: “I was sitting in my car at the very start of COVID before going to queue to get into ASDA and get the weekly shop when I heard an advert on Forth One for their parent company (Bauer Media) advertising small business websites for only £8000+VAT. At a time where small businesses didn’t know where their next pound was coming from they were using their position of trust to get these small companies to cough up big money for a website without any strategy, marketing or planning. It seemed ridiculous to me, so I started KY Designs in an effort to bring affordable marketing and design to small businesses. As they say, the rest is history. We’re still here and they aren’t advertising any longer so I’ll take that as a win!”

Our biggest question we get is: Why are your prices so affordable?

We asked Cameron: Typically our customers first question to us is “Why are you so affordable?”. His answer was: “It’s really simple actually. Being really honest we don’t plan to take over the world, we don’t plan to build the biggest agency, we’re not interested in having the biggest delivery teams or winning the biggest awards in the industry. I’ve tried to do that before and it was really stressful and honestly boring. What really interests me is building something that makes a difference. I’m working class to the core and I’m not interested in putting another Range Rover in an executives’ driveway. I’m interested in helping a local plumber put more vans on the road, a family business find more customers so they can hire more staff and reduce their working hours, I’m interested in working class business owners taking their kids to Disneyland. That’s what excites me about this business. Typically those customers can’t afford an agency and then can’t grow reliably, if we can find enough customers and get a tight enough process, we can hire the staff and deliver exactly that, all within their budget – and that’s what we’ve done.”

The next question is usually: What are we like to work with?


If you've not noticed by reading the ridiculous wall of text above this, one of our core values is being honest, always.

We'll help you by providing honest, fair and professional feedback the whole way.


One of our pet peeves of the design and marketing industry is that sometimes, things are just far too complex and misleading.

Websites and marketing don't have to be expensive or complex. A fair price for work done is our belief.


We're sticklers for saying that we'll do a job, and actually doing it. No contracts, no faff, no bullshit.

You will receive a top-dollar service, with top-dollar quality at a fair price. That's what we call real professionals.

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