Who are we? Great question!

KY Designs is run by Cameron Taylor and he’s based just outside of Dunfermline, Fife. He’s been involved in the creation of websites and the wider technology industry for over half of his life but also works with outsourced partners through KY Designs to ensure top class client service, every time. 

As a young teenager Cameron first started working with website design as it interested him. He then started a small agency working with online games and small local firms in his mid teens and eventually sold the business to focus on a full time career in sales. Since then, he’s worked for corporate, mid-sized and early stage start-up businesses specialising in building and scaling world-class B2B sales teams. 

Due to the impact COVID-19 is having on the world he set up KY Designs and started helping small and micro businesses make the most of their corner of the web.

Why are your prices so affordable?

We’re less expensive than a lot of the competition because we use blank framework designs that give a blank canvas to work from which means a lot of the “under the bonnet” work is done and it’s purely just the agreed customised design elements that we need to do as per the brief we create together.

Almost every business has had to digitise itself over the past year, and the cost of doing so is immense for a small or micro business. Unlike other digital agencies, we’re here to cover the cost of our individual bills and help provide affordable, easy digital transformation for small and micro businesses who can’t afford the other agencies. 

What are we like to work with?


If you've not noticed by reading the ridiculous wall of text above this, one of our core values is being brutally honest.

We'll help you by providing honest, fair and professional feedback the whole way.


One of our pet peeves of the design and development industry is that sometimes, things are just far too complex and misleading.

Websites don't have to be expensive. A fair price for work done is our belief.


While we've made this entire website fairly personal towards our circumstances and why we're doing this, we're also sticklers for professionalism.

You will receive a top-dollar service, with top-dollar quality at a fair price.

Still have questions? Great! Get in touch.