Need help selling online? Let us help!

We work alongside a lot of small businesses (not only in Fife!) who have either created their own e-commerce store, or paid a large sum of money to have their e-commerce store built, but still aren’t getting any customers through it. We work closely with you and provide advice around the whole digital landscape, we’re not just a “set-it-and-forget-it” business.

Once the store is built, you’ve then got to get people to visit the website (we call this traffic). Once you have the traffic on your website, you’ve then got to get them to buy something (we call this converting). Think of it as a funnel, the more traffic in the top – the more money out the bottom. It’s way more complex than just sticking your products online and hoping they sell!

Given the ever-hitting impact COVID-19 has had on regular bricks and mortar stores it’s more important than ever that you pick the right partner to get yourself digital, not only to build the initial store, but to maintain the store and provide insight into how to improve customer conversion without increasing the cost of acquiring that customer in the first place. Equally, if you’re someone who started a sidehustle to keep yourself safe it may be about time to graduate to a digital platform.

As always with KY Designs, we don’t have any on-going lengthy contracts and believe our service and value for money alone is enough to keep you coming back – if you’re a small business who could move to and benefit from selling their products digitally, it really doesn’t have to be pricey to be effective, see the packages below!

Real what you see is what you get pricing!

Basic Package

For a micro or small business looking to sell a small number of products through a secure manner digitally.
£ 1999 Starting From
  • Bespoke Website Design From Scratch
  • Up to 25 Products Listed
  • SSL Certificate Applied
  • Secure Payment Gateway Linked
  • Up to 3 Other Custom Pages
  • Professional @yourwebsite Email Address

Professional Package

Perfect for a small business who are looking to sell a wide range of products digitally while finding new customers.
£ 2999 Starting From
  • Bespoke Website Design From Scratch
  • Up to 5 Additional Custom Pages
  • SSL Certificate Applied
  • Up To 50 Products Listed
  • Secure Payment Gateway Linked
  • Optimised For Search Engines

Advanced Package

This package is for businesses looking to completely launch a digital version of their business from the ground up with a real focus on building a brand.
£ 4599 Starting From
  • Bespoke Website Design From Scratch
  • Unlimited Products Listed
  • SSL Certificate Applied
  • Advanced Web Analytics Installed
  • Full Copywriting Service
  • Secure Payment Gateway Linked
  • Up to 15 Additional Custom Pages
  • Optimised For Search Engines
Still a bit confused on what you need?

Don’t worry! Digital work is fairly confusing for those who aren’t involved in technology day-by-day or haven’t worked through digital means before. With COVID-19 forcing a lot of people to look at a digital option, we’re used to assessing your needs and making suggestions. Click the button below to get in touch and we’ll walk you through it, at your own pace and in your own time!