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5 Tips For Writing Good Blog Content That Engages Your Readers

1. Planning is key!

It’s not quite as simple as just dumping your thoughts on a page, there’s more to it than that. You want to pick a topic that’s going to engage your reader and is of interest to them – there’s no point in writing something that no one will want to read!

Having a solid plan for creating blog content is absolutely key to making your blogs successful in driving customers to order something from you. 

Pick a good subject that’s interesting, pick an engaging title that you think “If I was a customer, I’d click on that” and make sure the content isn’t too technical so that the reader doesn’t get lost during the reading process. Keep it simple.

2. Designing your blog post

You need to think carefully about the design of your blog post. I prefer to keep mines short and informative personally but your business will differ. Remember, people remember 30% of what they see, 20% of what they hear and 10% of what they read. 

Making an attractive looking post already hits you in that 30%! Using video content so your reader can hear it is also a really great way of building a blog. Finally that 10% is what they read, so make sure that once again that the content itself is interesting and engaging.

3. For the love of god, proof read!

This is the single biggest thing that most people (in my experience) forget to do. I’m a fairly self conscious person so I read everything over before I post it about 50 times anyway because that’s who I am but people who are less detail oriented really like to hit that publish button a bit too early. 

Take 5-10 minutes and read through the post checking for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and the flow of how the post reads so you know that the people you do get to click on the post have a great experience reading it. 

4. Use the drafts button!

The drafts functionality exists for a reason, remember it’s important that if you’re feeling writers’ block or something isn’t quite sitting well with you on the post but you can’t put your finger on it – save it for later!

It’s better to take some time out and come back with a fresh mind and a fresh set of eyes to find the solution. When I raced motorbikes as a kid, my dad used to say “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”. The same applies to writing a blog post (kind of), take your time and make sure the content is right for your readers.  

5. Technical blog posts? Use images!

Using images is a great way to get technical points over to less-technical readers by breaking down a lot of content into a visual description. Using a free online image editor like Canva can make your otherwise technical and difficult to understand blog post a lot easier to consume. 

Failing that – focus on the basics and push for the reader to ask you for more information or to break it down a little further for them one-on-one. 

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